Our History
  • John Doe

    From: 1950 until today

    Our History

    Our family business started in early 1950, Haddad began with traditional way of baking the Al Barouk village tradition.

    In 1955, the demand for quality bread was high so we decided to grow the family business to cater and satisfy said.

    In 1980, the Haddad family founded six bakeries all around Lebanon.

    In 1988, we moved to Sweden in Europe and introduced the pita bread to the Europeen communities. After a short while We opened three major bakeries all around the Sweden: in Stockholm, Göteborg and Eskilstuna.

    In 1998 we moved to Canada with the idea of expanding our vision in Montreal and the surrounding areas. Achtarout Bakery was founded then we started our traditional ways baking high quality bread and pastries. Our goals are to keep serving the best pita bread & pastries in North America.

    We now have 2 branches to better serve you.